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Join the Parade of Champions

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 04/18/17, 1:45PM EDT


Celebrate your Championship at the 2017 OMHA Parade of Champions

The Parade of Champions is an annual event that will be held this year on Saturday June 10th during the OMHA Annual General Meeting. This event offers OMHA champions the opportunity to be acknowledged for their CHAMPIONSHIP season. Teams will also have an opportunity to show off other accomplishments from their season such as: Silver Stick, OHF, Tournament Championships and any other highlights they had during the 2016-17 hockey season.

The Parade of Champions takes place simultaneously with the OMHA Annual General Meeting and the OMHA Consumer Show on June 10th 2017.
The Consumer Show boasts over 45 businesses who are out to promote unique hockey products.
The Parade of Champions presents our OMHA Champions to our Membership in attendance for the AGM. Champions are paraded in front of the membership and praised for their years’ achievements both on and off the ice. Following the Parade, all teams and their guests are encouraged to participate in the Champions BBQ in the hotel parking lot.
The Champions BBQ will feature interactive shooting games, Floorball, Trampolines, a DJ and more!
There are Hockey Hall of Fame Passes and Raffle Prize Opportunities for those in attendance which includes items such as a CCM hockey stick, CCM helmets and gloves and Under Armour Apparel.
Don’t miss your team’s chance to get in on this huge, once in a lifetime event!
If you have any further questions, please contact Susie Crabb.

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