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OMHA, HelloFresh bringing easy-to-make meals to your kitchen

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 10/25/18, 2:45PM EDT


Partnership will help hockey families eat healthy meals in less time

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association and HelloFresh are excited to launch a new partnership that aims to bring healthy, easy-to-make meals to the kitchens of busy hockey families.

Practices and games over the dinner hour often leave families running in different directions and eating on the fly. Fast food and convenience items can be a lifesaver in a pinch – but when it becomes the norm, it can have negative effects on everyone in the family.

Parents often battle with excess weight put on during the hockey season from fast food and irregular meal times. Athletes and siblings miss out on much-needed nutrients from whole grains and fresh vegetables found in home cooked nutritious meals.

“We are thrilled to partner with HelloFresh to help hockey families make healthy decisions at the dinner table," said Ian Taylor, OMHA Executive Director. "Families may find themselves at the rink during meal time and this partnership will give parents the confidence to make the right food choices that are fast and nutritious.”

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Sitting down as a family is perhaps the most instrumental meal to keep families connected, especially for teenagers. Research has shown, teenagers who eat family meals at least three times per week have significantly higher grades in school and better self-esteem.  

HelloFresh solves that problem by creating stress-free dinners that take less than 40 minutes to cook.

Each month a recipe will be presented and shared through a series of interactive videos throughout the hockey season. These recipes have been specifically designed by experts to make the most out of your time by combining taste, nutrition, and timeliness in meal creation.

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