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Be Dangerous from all Angles of the Ice

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 11/02/14, 5:30PM EST


Master the Backhand Shot in Week 2 of the 5000 Puck Challenge

A good Backhand shot is a great asset to have in your shot arsenal. There is not always time to switch from backhand to forehand so a powerful backhand allows for more opportunities to score goals. Sometimes a quick forehand to backhand deke is the perfect way to beat the goalie. One more advantage of a backhand shot is that many goalies find the backhand hard to read, making it difficult for the goalie to stop the puck. 

Kane scores with wicked Backhand to top shelf

The key to a Backhand shot is the element of surprise. Since the shot is seldom practiced or used in a game, many goalies aren’t used to the shot. They’re not used to how the puck is going to come off the stick, whether it’s going to go low or high, left or right. And when no time is wasted moving the puck to your forehand, there is no time for the goaltender to set up. Check out these 3 tips to having an effective back hand. 

1 - Location Matters:
Taking a backhand shot is very similar to taking a wrist shot. The first step is to draw the puck back in your stance. When taking a backhand the puck should be between the middle and heel of your stick, the flat spot of the blade is ideal. 

2 - Generating Power:
The next step is to move the puck towards the net, the motion of a powerful backhand shot is again similar to that of a wrist shot. Start by pulling the puck towards the net; Do this quickly and generate as much power as possible. Remember that transferring the body weight into the shot is also key. Moving all the weight in the direction of the shot will add more power. 

3 - Releasing the Shot:
With a wrist shot you will let the puck roll off the toe of your stick, however with a back hand shot this is not the case. The ideal spot to release the puck is near the middle of the blade where it is flattest on the ice. If the puck reaches the toe it will reduce your accuracy and power. In the final stage of the shot, adding a snap of the wrists to will give the shot a little more power. It is important to follow through with the shot; follow through high for high shots, low for low shots. Point the stick to where you want the puck to go. 

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So, how well do you think your shot would improve if you were to take 5000 shots over a 10-week period? Think it can’t be done? Think again! We have created a plan for players of all ages and abilities to follow over 10 weeks to increase shot speed, quickness and accuracy.

To develop your shooting & scoring skills at home check out the OMHA Players Club and the 5000 Puck Challenge.