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Where Your Registration Fee Goes

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 11/17/22, 12:00PM EST


Breaking down the base fee collected upon registration

The game of hockey is a fantastic sport. 

The game itself defies explanation – the ability to control a rubber disc while balancing on a razor sharp blade while gliding across the ice on one foot while eleven other players swirl around you.

The skill, teamwork, friends your children make and the lessons they learn overcoming adversity – not to mention the physical and mental health benefits - are just some of the reasons we hear from parents like you sign up your kids up to play our national sport each and every year.

Just like every activity your child participates in, there are costs associated with it, and families want to know where that money goes, how it is used and how it positively impacts your child's experience.

We’ve taken a base registration fee of $700.00 and broken down that fee with a description of each of the different areas paid for.

In the diagram below, you will see that the single biggest cost to playing the game is through ice costs – this is something that we know happens the moment you go inside, costs go up – that means a gymnasium, indoor field, pool and rinks.

93.9% - LOCAL ASSOCIATION: This pays for general operations including administration, ice rentals, uniforms and game official costs where you play a season that lasts longer than most sports. $656.84

3.2% - INSURANCE PREMIUMS: This is paid to Hockey Canada, our National Sport Organization, to protect all registered participants (players, bench staff, game officials) and volunteers in providing the game of hockey. This also pays for Director and Officer Liability (so volunteers can serve on the Board of your local association). This covers Liability Insurance, Major Medical and Dental, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and PST. $22.46

1.6% - OMHA ASSESSMENT: General operations and overall administration of the game including Membership Services, Hockey Development Programs, Marketing/Communications and Information Technology. This also includes Risk Management Initiatives, such as complaint investigation. $11.25

0.6% - OHF ASSESSMENT: This is paid to support the general operations of the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), our Provincial Sport Organization and a branch of Hockey Canada. $4.45

0.4% - HOCKEY CANADA ASSESSMENT: This is paid to support the general operations of Hockey Canada. $3.00

0.2% - OHF MENTORSHIP ASSESSMENT: Used towards OHF and OMHA coach education and mentorship initiatives. $1.50

0.1% - OHF RISK ASSESSMENT: Used towards offsetting OHF and OMHA risk management initiatives. This includes research, education, training, advocacy and support for local associations. $0.50

We will continue to provide insight into the costs of playing hockey and how we are addressing the barriers, such as cost, in order to play our great game. We will also have updates about our education programs to ensure hockey offers a safe and welcoming place for all. Stay tuned! 

Visit our Risk Management page for more information on fees and coverage. 

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