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OMHA Distributing Free Player, Goalie Equipment to Associations

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 08/03/22, 9:45AM EDT


Applications now open for Player and Goalie Assist Programs

In our continued efforts to welcome new players into the game, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association is proud to launch its annual Player and Goalie Assist programs for Associations to support hockey’s youngest and newest players.

With support from our partners at CCM, the OMHA is providing its Associations with FULL SETS of FREE player and goalie equipment to loan out to U7 and Below players to use during the season. Similar to a library book, each set of equipment will be retained by the local Minor Hockey Association at the end of the hockey season to loan to players in the following years.

These Programs are available to all Member Associations of the OMHA. The Player Assist Program will provide complete sets of gear. Associations selected for the Goalie Assist program will receive one set of equipment. Expected shipment of gear will take place during August and September 2022.

The full sets of equipment include:
Goalie Assist: catcher, blocker, chest protector, pads, stick, bag
Player Assist: shin pads, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, helmet, neck guard

These Assist programs make it easier for new hockey families to fall in love with the sport without facing the barriers or commitment of purchasing new equipment. They serve as a way for Associations to give back to their communities and for families to save costs.

“We are excited launch this year’s Player Assist and Goalie Assist programs and to share this opportunity with our 212 Associations,” said OMHA Executive Director Ian Taylor. “We understand some of the challenges that families in our communities face, and we hope these programs may alleviate some of those stresses.”

Thank you for your interest in the Player and Goalie Assist programs. Please note that submissions are now closed.



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