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Earn Prizes for Practicing Your Shooting at Home

By HockeyShot, 10/15/19, 1:30PM EDT


Start on the OMHA Players Club presented by HockeyShot

Just as another hockey season gets going, the OMHA Players Club is back for another exciting year! Players have the opportunity to improve their skills in a variety of areas right from the comfort of their own home or driveway through three different challenges.

The OMHA Players Club presented by HockeyShot is comprised of three different challenges that each aim to improve a different hockey skill. The 5000 Puck, 10,000 Touches and the 30/30 Challenge offer unique activities and exercises that will grow and develop the game of a player through fun and repetitive drills. Areas like balance, agility, stick handling, shot accuracy and shot power can all be developed and improved through the OMHA Players Club.

Each challenge has a downloadable tracking sheet where players can chart their progress. There are suggested guidelines for how long it will take to complete each challenge but players can work at their own pace.

Here is a brief breakdown of what each challenge has to offer. Get started today!

5000 Puck Challenge

The 5000 Puck Challenge helps players improve their shot accuracy and quickness through different shots. Shooting one hundred pucks a day, five days a week for ten weeks will help you develop your shooting and scoring skills at home. Have a dedicated place to shoot and be accountable – do what you can without technique breaking down or losing your focus – don’t just go through the motions. Grab some pucks, a stick and a net and start shooting!

Join the OMHA Players Club presented by HockeyShot!

Members of the Players Club receive a 20% discount on all HockeyShot products. Download the 5000 Puck, 10,000 Touches and 30/30 challenge tracking sheets and complete the challenges! Work on your hockey skills and be eligible for prizes at the same time!

10,000 Touches Challenge

Looking to improve your stick handling skills and puck control? The 10,000 Touches Challenge helps players develop quicker hands and build more confidence in their puck possession. Every time the puck/ball changes direction, it can be defined as a ‘touch’. Each drill gives players a new tool to add to their arsenal for different situations on the ice.

30/30 Challenge

For players looking to improve their agility, balance and coordination, the 30/30 Challenge is right up their alley. Created as an age-appropriate program for players of all abilities, this is a development opportunity to improve their physical literacy skills and introduce an age-appropriate at-home dryland program. Each program is set up as a Circuit and consists of 10 exercises.

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