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Hockey Dad Makes Top 50

12/17/2013, 3:15pm EST
By Ontario Minor Hockey Association

VOTE for Jon Abrams, an OMHA hockey dad to win the Hockey Night In Canada Songquest contest.

Jon's hockey song "For The Love Of The Game" has recently made the Top 50 cut out of over 1000 entered hockey songs.

Please VOTE for Jon's song at this link and share it with your friends, hockey players and families. Voting ends on Dec 21st.


Jon is a songwriter from Milton, Ontario. His 11 year old son Jack is a defenceman for the 2002 Halton Hurricanes. His catchy song tells a fun story about playing with heart and hometown pride, 'For The Love Of The Game'

Let's help Jon out and help a hometown hockey Dad win the Hockey Night in Canada Songquest.

Jon's website is www.jonabramsmusic.com  and you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter at www.facebook.com/jonabramsmusic or www.twitter.com/jonabramsmusic.

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