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AGM Guest Speakers Announced

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 06/02/2023, 11:45am EDT

Hockey Canada Chair Fraser, Chair of the OHF Kastner, OMHA President Lane to discuss state of the game


Participant Registration Open for 2023-24 First Shift Program

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 06/01/2023, 1:30pm EDT

Introducing new faces to hockey across the province


Can Rollerblading Help With Your Skating?

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 05/30/2023, 3:00pm EDT

The similarities and differences between the two activities


You Can Still Be Competitive Without Winning Games

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 05/26/2023, 10:30am EDT

Putting player development and growth ahead of the score


Hockey Skills You Can Improve in Other Sports

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 05/18/2023, 1:15pm EDT

You don't need to be on the ice to work on your game


Happy Mother's Day! Thank You to all Hockey Moms

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 05/13/2023, 9:15am EDT

For all of the ups and downs, you've created a love of the game


Mom, what team will I play for next season?

By Kristal Kobold 05/11/2023, 11:15am EDT

Everyone has the same question during Evaluations


Hardest Part of Coaching: Telling Players They Didn’t Make the Team

By TeamGenius 05/08/2023, 11:00am EDT

Not easy for anyone involved - tips to make it easier for all


Playing a Tournament in the USA? Keep These Travel Tips in Mind

By Weekend Hockey Tournaments 05/04/2023, 11:00am EDT

A once in a lifetime trip can be the highlight of your minor hockey experience


Registration Open for 2023 Golf Tournament

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 05/04/2023, 10:00am EDT

Friday June 9th at Wooden Sticks Golf Club

Page 9 of 153

Displaying Results 81 - 90 of 1526