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Hockey Canada Network

On-demand access to thousands of videos, articles and more. The Hockey Canada Network offers coaches, players and parents in every community across Canada access to the best information for developing hockey players. Download the app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device now.


Download hundreds of drills and create a practice plan with the new Hockey Canada Drill Hub, powered by Samsung. Offence, defence, goaltending, special teams, with or without the puck; close to a hundred searchable drill videos, descriptions and diagrams are available for players of all levels.

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Off-Ice Training

This manual was designed to introduce a basic understanding of warm-ups, stretching, plyometrics, balance and coordination, off-ice stickhandling, nutrition, hydration and skill development during the off-season of hockey.  It also introduces parents and players to the concepts of Long Term Player Development and the proper activities that they can be engaged at the appropriate age.

This document only contains the Manual Introduction. The full manual and DVD can be purchased through the Hockey Canada online store

Video Playlists

Player Development | Goaltending

Hockey Canada goaltending videos geared towards beginner, intermediate and advanced players

Player Development | Skills

Hockey Canada player skill development videos geared towards beginner, intermediate and advanced players

Hockey Canada U20 Players | Hockey Tips page

Skills tips from members of Canada's World Junior Teams

Hockey Canada Skills Development Camp Drills

Drills from the Hockey Canada Skills Development Camps

OMHA Hometown Hockey Tips

Skill development videos from the OMHA & Rogers TV

5000 Puck Challenge

Develop your shooting & scoring skills at home!

10,000 Touches Challenge

Develop your puck control & scoring skills at home!

30 / 30 Challenge

Work on your agility, balance and coordination at home!


Checking and the 4 -Step Progression

Head Contact Rule

Resources and teaching video on the new Head Contact Rule

Standard of Play

Hockey Canada's Standard of Play & Rules Emphasis

Checking | Body Checking

Checking is a critical skill in the game of hockey that when performed properly can create quality scoring opportunities or help a team regain control of the puck. Just like skating, puck control, passing and shooting there are key progressions to the skill of checking when taught effectively, can greatly enhance a player's enjoyment of the great game of hockey.