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Video Coach

Using 'Table Hockey' to Teach Powerplay Puck Movement

By Ian Taylor, OMHA Executive Director, 01/08/18, 10:00AM EST


Video Coach | Presented by Hockey Intelligym

Are you in need of a great drill/game to use in your next practice? 

Look no further, this is a great warm-up drill or competitive game to end practice and can provide building blocks for moving the puck on the powerplay.

Two clips below demonstrate the same drill being used by Team North America at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey and by the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, teams both coached by Jon Cooper.

Drill Description

  • Set-up two nets on each end of the centre circle
  • Game is played 3v3 – one player on each team is positioned in the centre circle and must stay on their half of the circle.
  • The other two players are positioned outside the circle on the other side of centre. They cannot enter the circle or cross centre.
  • In possession of the puck, players must move the puck quickly to creating shooting and scoring opportunities.
  • They are effectively playing 3v1 against the other team’s player who is defending in the circle.
  • Introduce or refine powerplay concepts using fakes, deception, one-time passes and shots to creating scoring opportunities.
  • All players are allowed to shoot.
  • Players must keep eyes up and sticks open and available.
  • If puck turns over, the other team now runs their ‘powerplay’ trying to score against the other team.

Video Coach is a series of articles which reviews a video clip from game action and then breaks down the sequence into frames identifying key skills, individual and team tactics, strategy and hockey IQ. Video is a great teaching tool that can be used by both players and coaches.

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"What I'm noticing with IntelliGym is that it compliments my use of area games or situational pressure drills in practice. My players are recognizing and executing their options faster than they have in the past.  This improvement has translated to games. They are moving to open areas to support their teammate with the puck."

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Ian Taylor is the Executive Director of the OMHA and former Director of Hockey Development. A proud hockey dad of two, Ian has over 25 years of instructional and coaching experience.

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