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Outcomes of 2017 AGM

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 06/12/17, 11:15AM EDT


New Board Members and Results of the Notices of Motion

Following its Annual General Meeting in Richmond Hill, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association is pleased to announce the members of its 2017 Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Adam Parent has been acclaimed to the 2017 Board, replacing Michele Sguigna, who has left the board after serving since 2010.

Parent, now Regional Director – Eastern District, Region 5 Area H, began coaching in 2005 in Collingwood and has been involved in minor hockey every season since then. He has served on the Collingwood Minor Hockey Association executive board, holding various positions, including OMHA Convenor, throughout his tenure. For the last three seasons, Parent has been the Vice President of the Georgian Bay Minor Hockey League.

Tom Bly will be succeeding Ron Noonan as Chair of the Coaching Program. Noonan had served as Chair of the Coaching Program since 2006 and has been an instructor for over 25 years.

Bly brings over 20 years of minor hockey executive experience to his new Chair of the Coaching Program role. He has been a leader in OMHA course facilitation, evaluation and certification as OMHA Regional Development Leader, Region 4.

Tony Caravaggio has been appointed as Chair of the Trainers Program while Dave Wedlake has been appointed as Chair of the Referees Program.

"We are excited to welcome the new and returning members to the Board," said Rob Ring, President, Ontario Minor Hockey Association. "Adam and Tom each bring a unique and professional experience to the OMHA and we are delighted to continue moving forward with them. We’d like to thank and recognize our outgoing members, Michele and Ron, for their years of dedicated service to growing minor hockey in the province and across the country. They have provided invaluable contributions and will be missed.”

Here is the full list of Board of Directors.

Notices of Motion

Please find a summary below of the results of the deliberations of the Notices of Motion by the Membership from the 2017 OMHA AGM.

Notice of Motion Amendment To Result
2017 - 01 By-Law One – 3.0 Carried
2017 - 02 By-Law One – 7.4 a) Carried
2017 - 03 By-Law One – 19.2 Carried
2017 - 04 Regulations - Definitions 1.0 Approved Photocopy Carried
2017 - 05 Regulation – Definitions 1.0 (NEW) Carried
2017 - 06 Regulation - Definitions 1.0 Respect in Sport Carried
2017 - 07 Regulation - Definitions 1.0 Speak Out Carried
2017 - 08 Regulation – Players 3.1 a) Carried
2017 - 09 Regulation – Players 3.1 a) Defeated
2017 - 10 Regulation – Registration 3.2 c) ii) Local League Carried
2017 - 11 Regulation – Exemption to Play in Another Centre 3.5 b) Defeated
2017 - 12 Regulation - Exemption to Play in Another Centre 3.5 c) iv) Defeated
2017 - 13 Regulation - Exemption to Play in Another Centre 3.5 c) vi) Carried
2017 - 14 Regulation - Exemption to Play in Another Centre 3.5 c) vi) (NEW) Carried
2017 - 15 Regulation – Rostered Select Teams (Tyke through Juvenile) 4.4 f) Defeated
2017 - 16 Regulation – Team Officials 6.1 a) Carried
2017 - 17 Regulation – Team Officials 6.1 d) iii) Not Introduced
2017 - 18 Regulation – Team Officials 6.1 e) Carried
2017 - 19 Regulation – Suspensions 8.1 f) Carried
2017 - 20 Regulation – Playdowns 13.1 d) Carried
2017 - 21 Regulation – Protests 15.1 Carried
2017 - 22 Regulation – Appeals 16.1 Carried
2017 - 23 Regulation – Game Officials 18.1 h) Withdrawn
2017 - 24 Regulation – Tournaments Regulation c) ii) Carried

On behalf of the OMHA Board, thanks and appreciation are extended to all those Delegates taking the time to attend and participate in the 2017 OMHA Annual General Meeting

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