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Video Coach | Offensive Zone Rotation – TOTAL Hockey

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 03/26/17, 5:30PM EDT


Breaking down game action video to identify skills, tactics and strategy

Game date: January 13, 2017

Welcome to OMHA Video Coach where we review a video clip from game action and then break down the sequence into frames identifying key skills, individual and team tactics, strategy and hockey IQ. Video is a great teaching tool that can be used by both players and coaches.

Time and space, creating passing and shooting lanes – these are all challenges in today’s game. In this edition of Video Coach, we look at rotation of players in the offensive zone the concept of TOTAL hockey – where all five players are in sync, read off each other and are interchangeable positionally – to manipulate defenders and create confusion.

Now, let’s take a closer look and break it down…

  • The puck is rimmed up the wall where defenceman TBL55 successfully pinches down and keeps puck in the zone.
  • TBL90’s positioning allows TBL55 to pinch down the wall immediately. 
  • TBL90 immediately supports TBL55 and fills space behind him taking up the traditional defenseman position in the offensive zone.
  • TBL86 also supports TBL55 beating his check out of the corner up the wall.
  • TBL86 picks up loose puck and drives off the wall – low-to-high – in the zone.
  • As soon as the puck is retrieved by TBL86 - TBL90 & TBL89 both change from holding the line to attacking the zone.
  • TBL18 immediately sets up as net-front screen/low-tip option.
  • TBL86 continues to skate high into the zone. 
  • This starts a rotation of TBL players which force BUF defenders to get pulled out of out of position and start chasing the puck.
  • TBL90 slides to the middle and TBL89 shifts down. 
  • TBL has created two different high 2v1’s - TB86 & TB90 and TB90 & TB89 - as soon as TB86 moves puck he stays ready for a one timer option back from TB90.
  • TBL55 who pinched down the boards beats his check back to the middle of the ice and TBL effectively has established a 5v4 situation.
  • This creates a series of mismatches.
  • TBL90 establishes himself as a shooting threat at the middle of the ice and BUF82 moves to fill the shooting lane.
  • TBL90 identifies the 2v1 and moves the puck to TBL89 who has continued to rotate, sliding down into zone.
  • TBL89 with time and space is now a dual threat – shoot on net, Royal Road pass to TBL55 or net front to TBL18.
  • BUF 82 & BUF15 are now high in the zone opening up passing lanes between them and the net-front D-man.
  • TBL18 who was set up as a net-front, low screen, now pops out to slot creating separation from defender as TB89 gets below tops of circles – he doesn’t stay as stationary screen.
  • TBL89 pulls BUF29 from net front but he is too late and TBL89 elects to shoot on net.
  • BUF31 makes the save but note the shot placement.
  • The shot is low, off the far pad which essentially becomes and in-direct pass to TBL18 in the slot.
  • The shot and rebound causes BUF55 to turn and he loses contact with BUF18.
  • TBL18 one-times the rebound into the net.

Watch the video again to see how TBL create confusion and mismatches from a simple turn-over and how their players immediately read, support, fill space and provide options executing a great example of TOTAL Hockey. 

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