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Five Must Haves For Your Stickhandling Toolbox!

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 02/20/15, 1:30PM EST


Build stickhandling confidence with these easy to find tools

Hockey players are always looking to further develop their skills on the ice, so we thought we’d help you out with some tools you can use off the ice. The following five stickhandling tools are all great options to develop quicker your hands and improve your confidence with the puck.

1. Green Biscuit
A puck that slides effortlessly on virtually any surface so you can play on driveways, parking lots, streets, basements, tennis courts. This allows you to practice your toe drags with a puck that feels like a puck sliding on the ice and won’t tumble or flip over wherever you’re working on your game. 

2. Golf Ball
Grab a golf ball from Dad’s bag (I’m sure he won’t mind) and get going! Inexpensive and easy to find, golf balls are perfect for working on those quick hands. Not the ball you want to shoot or deke with but a golf ball is small and light allowing you to turn those hands over quicker than with any other stickhandling tool.

3. Swedish Stickhandling Ball
Want hands like Henrik Zetterberg, Erik Karlsson and Niklas Backstrom? Then this is the stickhandling tool for you. This wooden ball is a little bigger than a golf ball, but less bouncy than a golf ball. Another great tool for working on the quickness of your hands, as well as your new Datsyukian moves and dekes.

4. Smart Hockey Stick Handling Ball
This training ball is the only off-ice training device that matches the bounce, weight, height and slide of an ice hockey puck. Ideal for working on your handles with a ball that feels like a puck. Heaviest and doesn’t have the bounce of any other ball. Not a ball you shoot with!

5. Tennis Ball
Have a look around the basement or the garage and there’s bound to be a few tennis balls laying around. It’s an old school stickhandling tool and there’s a reason your dad and older sibling used the tennis ball to improve their skills. They have a bounce to them so you’ll also be able to work on quick reactions. Tennis balls are perfect for the combination of passing, stickhandling, deking and shooting wherever you work on your game. 

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