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Peewee | The Golden Age of Player Development

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 09/25/14, 2:45PM EDT


Development Pathway for Peewee Players | Ages 11-12

The Peewee age group is the most significant period for hockey development. This is the window of accelerated adaptation to motor coordination. Group interaction, team building and social activities should be emphasized. A reasonable balance of practices and games will foster the ongoing development and mastery of essential skills in hockey. 

At this stage, children are developmentally ready to acquire the general sports skills that are the cornerstone of all athletic development. Hockey Canada recommends that players in the Learn to Train stage continue to focus on the development and refinement of individual skills and individual tactics.

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PeeWee | Learn to Train

For Coaches

  • The intensity is gradually and progressively increased during training in order to meet the competition demands. Make the task more difficult (effort given, greater speed of execution). 
  • The training session preparing the team for a competition must mirror the game requirements. 
  • Begin to work with players on the mental skills of goal setting, visualization, focus.
  • NCCP training in the Introduction to Competition Development Stream. This stream focuses on the development of coaching and teaching skills for the acquisition of skills and tactics as well as providing coaches with tools to develop physical and mental preparation skills in their players. 
  • Continue to focus on the fundamental technical skills and the tactical application of these skills. 
  • The tactic/strategy is adapted to the age level and the background of the players and to the typical characteristics of the team.


For Parents

  • Learn to go to the limit of your performance capabilities if you wish to improve 
  • Begin to focus on 2-3 sports but continue to be active 
  • Physical preparation becomes important and a focus on training is key – develop good habits 
  • Inventory your strengths and weaknesses, what hockey skills do you need to work on to take you game 
  • Parents educate themselves on what types of training should be done at this age or the development age of their kids for educated enrollment in supplementary programs.