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Chalk Talk

Skating and Angling

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 11/28/13, 3:00PM EST


Building on the Foundational Skills

The most essential skill in hockey, which is the prerequisite to most others, is skating. The ability to skate efficiently and effectively allows a player to begin to effectively develop all other skills involved with the game of hockey – and this include the Checking skills. 

The following two drills focus on the two foundational skills of Skating & Angling. The beauty of these drills lie in the fact that both can be executed with a Body Check, Body Contact, a Stick Check or no contact at all – in addition, both drills are appropriate from Novice to Junior hockey! They both simulate games conditions and will also add the element of competition on your practices!


Angling Gate Drill

The objective of this drill is to teach defensive player to save ice skating off the puck, limiting the puck carrier to one option.

Drill Explanation:

  • 01 and 02 begin on the whistle.
  • 01 picks up loose puck and skates behind the net and must skate between the pylons for a shot on goal.
  • 02 closes the gap, saving ice in the neutral zone, before angling toward 01.
  • 02 attempts to force 01 outside the pylons, not giving up the middle lane.
Angling Gate Drill

Key Execution Points :

  • Maintain middle lane
  • Control skating

Stampede Angling Drill

The objective of this drill is to close quickly and angle the puck carrier to the outside while maintaining speed.

Stampede Angling Drill

Key Execution Points :

  • Close quickly, angle to outside
  • No backward skating
  • Use speed and controlled skating

Drill Explanation:

  • Coach passes the puck anywhere on one side of the ice.
  • 01 retrieves the puck, 02 double touches the blueline, then closes the gap on 01.
  • 02 plays 01 but if a turnover occurs, 02 can transition to offence.

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