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Week 5 - 5000 Puck Challenge

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 11/19/13, 4:00PM EST


Refine the Skill

This week is a combo week. Take 50 Snapshots before moving on to 50 Backhand shots each day.

This is an opportunity to go back to a skill that has already been worked on to refine the technique. Make sure to keep your head up while focusing on getting the shot off quickly and explosivley.

The Snap Shot is quicker than a wrist shot and more accurate than a Slap Shot. It's probably the most widely used shot in hockey today. The most important attribute of a good snap shot is the speed with which you can release the puck.

The Backhand shot is maybe the most difficult for a goalie to save, and probably the most difficult to master. Most players don’t have a strong backhand shot because they simply don’t practice it enough. Work on this important shot to ensure you have the ability to shoot and score in any situation!