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How You Can Prepare for a Qualifiers Game

By Egg Farmers of Ontario, 02/28/24, 10:15AM EST


Keys to help you stay ahead of the competition

It’s the thick of Qualifiers season and every passing puck drop seems to add more intensity to your fire. It’s the time of year where you tie up your skates just a little bit tighter. Looking to earn #RedHats means that little bit of extra focus is required and players must remain sharp in the preparation and gameplan. These are the games that mean the most.

Here are seven tips to prepare yourself for a Qualifiers game for OMHA Championships presented by Egg Farmers of Ontario. Remember to share your team’s experience by tagging #RedHats and @HometownHockey and @GetCracking.

1. Keep Having Fun

While the stress level can be high during this time of year, don’t lose sight about what it’s all about. These could be the final few games that you spend playing with your teammates and friends before the off-season so enjoy the time together as you go on this special journey. If you were having fun during the regular season, why change anything now?

2. Stick to the routine

This can be preaching to the choir with hockey players who can be a superstitious bunch but sticking with your routine during Qualifiers will help eliminate some distractions. Keeping your mind focused on the task at hand can help relax players and remove any worries. Don’t forget anything at home before leaving for the rink!

3. One Game at a Time

You may not have been the better team during the regular season but nothing is stopping you from being the better team today. Thinking about running the table for the entirety of Championships can be daunting. Instead of overwhelming yourself, take Qualifiers one game at a time. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t get ahead of yourself because that’s when you’ll get distracted.

4. Everyone Loves an Underdog

It happens every year across every age group. There is always an underdog story waiting to happen. Why can’t your team be the author of it? Everyone loves a Cinderella run to the finals but it doesn’t just happen overnight. Putting in a full team effort will help lead to positive results.

5. Eat Right

There are many resources out there on eating healthy and preparing quick meals that will help fuel your body on gameday. Avoid feeling sluggish on the ice by getting a proper night’s rest. Again, Playdowns is about limiting distractions and coming up with a meal plan in advance is one less thing to worry about. Add Page Element

6. It's the little things

Those puck battles in the corner and those extra strides to get to the puck before your opponent – those are the small things that add up over the course of a game and tilt the odds in your favour. Don’t look back on a game and wonder if you gave all of your effort. Be competitive from the jump.

7. Plan Ahead

You’ll know your Qualifiers schedule at least a few days in advance. Avoid distractions and any conflicts that can cause you to miss a game or practice – your team needs you out there! Get your homework done before you get to the rink. Plan your calendar week by week instead of going day by day.


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