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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: Figure 8 with Point Shot and Screen

By CoachThem, 02/12/24, 10:00AM EST


Goalie should be reading releases and making positional adjustments


  • Pucks are positioned outside 2 indicated pylons and at the points.
  • F starts in the slot and quickly hustles around 1st pylon and releases an outside shot.
  • F then hustles back through the slot and around the 2nd pylon and releases a 2nd outside shot.
  • On coach's whistle, D will drag a puck across the point and release a low shot with F creating traffic/screen.
  • D will then hustle to the other point, pick up a 2nd puck, drag it to the middle, and release another low shot (F should vacate the front of the net and allow G to handle the shot without complication).

Key Points

  • Goalie should track Forward’s entire movement pattern
  • Goalie should be reading releases effectively and making positional adjustments
  • Goalie should be seeking a strong position on the first two shots so that blocking is appropriate and effective
  • Goalie should seek a strong position on the point shots so that the longer, reaction saves are made with control and strong rebound control.

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