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Drill of the Week: Greatest Game in the World

By CoachThem, 12/14/23, 2:30PM EST


Reinforces need for players to stop at top of net after a shot and not swing behind


  • Drill starts with two lines of players on opposite bluelines. 
  • On the coach's whistle, coach will chip a puck into the middle of the ice, three players from each line will attempt to gain possession of the puck, and that team will be on offense.  The other team is on defense, creating a 3-on-3 game.
  • If the puck goes below the blue line or a goal is scored, the coach closest to that end will provide a new puck to the defensive team, who will transition to offense.  
  • Goalies should attempt to play the puck to the defensive team or cover the puck as little as possible to keep play going.  
  • On the coach's whistle, players will leave the puck and a new group of players from each line will enter the zone attempting to gain possession.

Key Points

  • Shifts should be 30-45 seconds.
  • Gameplay occurs between the blue lines, players should not chase pucks past the blueline or behind the net.
  • Players will need to transition quickly from offense to defence.  
  • Quick feet and puck movement will allow teams to create scoring opportunities.
  • When a turnover occurs, players should track back through the middle of the zone to their net to take away opportunities from the other team.
  • This drill reinforces the need for players to stop at the top of the net after a shot and not swing behind the net  - no flybys!

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