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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: 3-on-3 Transition

By CoachThem, 12/08/23, 1:30PM EST


Reading and reacting quickly to create scoring opportunities


  • Nets are placed in the corner on the edge of the face-off circles.
  • Coaches are on the blueline and will act as the support player for their team.
  • Game begins with the coach dumping the puck in and 3 players from each team entering the zone trying to gain possession.
  • Team who gains possession is on offense.
  • Offensive team should move throughout the zone looking to create scoring opportunities.  
  • Upon forcing a turnover, the defensive team must get the puck to the coach (support player) on the blue line. They are now the offensive team.
  • Coach will make a return pass to the new offensive team.
  • The offensive team has the option to use their support player at any time while they have possession.

Key Points

  • This drill should simulate a game situation where players must play both offense and defense low in the zone while utilizing the point to create scoring opportunities or simulate a breakout.
  • Players should use this game to practice cycling the puck. 
  • Players will need to read and react quickly to create scoring opportunities off of the transition.  
  • Coach has the option of remaining stationary or moving along the blue line on their side of the ice.
  • Shifts should be 30-45 seconds.

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