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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: Tampa Bay Drill

By CoachThem, 11/28/23, 12:15PM EST


3-on-3 drill that keeps goalies engaged at all times


  • This drill is a small area 3-on-3, players can move freely within their area.  Only the players (O1 & X1) are allowed in side the circle and can't cross the red line.  The other players can only have their stick inside the circle to limit time and space and take away passing lanes and can't cross the red line.
  • Drill starts with the coach passing the puck along the red line.  
  • Whichever team gains possession will move the puck around their zone, while the defender tries to take away passing lanes and force a turn over with pressure.  
  • The puck is live until it goes below the goal line or a goal is scored.
  • The coach will introduce a new puck if the puck goes below the goal line or there is a goal.
  • If the G makes a save they will play the puck quickly trying to move it to their teammates.

Key Points

  • Players should have active sticks and be ready to transition from defense to offense quickly. 
  • Read and react skills are important - making the decision between passing or shooting or your defensive stick placement could be the difference in a save, turnover or goal.
  • Coaches should let each repetition go for approx. 30 seconds before switching groups.
  • Goalies will need to stay engaged at all times as a turnover can lead to an immediate shot on goal.

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