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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: Passing Warm-Up

By CoachThem, 11/03/23, 1:15PM EDT


Can be done at both ends of the ice for quick repetition


  • Players line up at the blue line on both sides of the ice.
  • O1 skates backwards and completes one touch passes to O2.
  • At the bottom of the circle, O1 transitions to forward skating while still executing one touch passes with the O2.
  • Player then swings into the neutral zone, as the O2 passes cross ice to the X, O1 then skates into zone, gets a pass from X and finishes with shot on net.
  • Alternate sides.

Key Points

  • Players need to stay square to one another to create good passing lanes.  Do not pass during transition from backwards to forwards.
  • Hard flat passes, no sauce.  
  • One touch passing, try not to stick handle upon receiving the pass - don't dust it off!
  • Follow through on pass, catch puck on reception
  • Shots from above the hashmark, use as a goaltender warm-up as well.
  • This drill can be done out of both ends of the ice for quick repetitions.  Once the last pass is made, that player should start the next rotation.

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