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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: Neutral Zone Passing Warm-Up

By CoachThem, 10/26/23, 11:00AM EDT


One-touch drill to improve passing


  • Drill starts with players and coaches on the red line and both blue lines.
  • Players on the red line (O) will start with a puck.
  • On the coaches whistle, O will attack towards one of the blue lines at one of their teammates (X or Square).
  • O will pass to the player they are facing on the blue line and exchange passes.
  • Once they receive the puck back, they will transition towards the other blue line towards a different teammate and exchange passes with them."

Key Points

  • Players that start with the puck should stay facing the player they passed the puck to until they receive the puck back before transitioning to the other blue line.  
  • Players in the neutral zone will also need to read players on the blue line and ensure they make eye contact before providing a pass.
  • Players on the blue line will need to be ready to receive a pass at all times, they will need to remain in a ready position to receive and give a pass as well as actively scanning the neutral zone for a potential pass.
  • Passes should be one-touch.
  • Emphasize the importance of good flat passes and providing a target for the passer.
  • Rotate groups after 20-30 seconds.

As players get comfortable with the flow of the drill or improve their passing skills, the coach can introduce rules for passing (i.e. only receive passes on the back hand or forehand etc.).

This is a great drill to be used at the start of a practice and allow for goalie specific training at one end of the ice.

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