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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: NZ Reload to Corner Attack

By CoachThem, 10/12/23, 3:30PM EDT


Team tactic can be performed in stations


  • Drill starts with X1 jumping down the middle of the ice with backwards skating.  X2 will then pass the puck to X1 who will then pull the puck around the cone and transition up ice.
  • X1 will then make a return pass to X2.
  • X1 will then continue up ice towards the red line and curl back down the wall.
  • As X2 passes to X1, X1 should execute a crossover towards the middle of the ice as they receive the pass to pull the "defender" towards the middle of the ice, setting up their next move.
  • Once X1 has control of the puck, they should execute a weight shift inside to outside, pulling the puck across their body and around the barrier, driving wide for a shot on goal.
  • X3 will be at the top of the crease for a screen/deflection on the first shot.
  • Once X1 has taken their first shot, they will then drive into the corner picking up a loose puck and walk out of the corner for a second shot on goal.

Key Points

  • Players will need to read and react off one another - every pass matters!
  • Being comfortable handling the puck outside of their skates will be key to success as players should pull the puck across their body (outside of skates to outside of skates) multiple times.
  • Being comfortable holding both inside and outside edges will allow players to be efficient during the drill and perform less moves.
  • First shot should be through the screen or finding teammates stick for a deflection, preferably below the waist.
  • Players should attack quickly out of the corner and stop at the top of the crease after their shot and be ready to provide a screen or deflection for the next rotation.
  • This drill can be performed in 2 or 4 stations from the middle faceoff circle.

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