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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: 1 on 1 Attack

By CoachThem, 10/05/23, 2:00PM EDT


Can be done as warmup or small area game


  • Drill starts with O carrying the puck wide down the wall and around the cone.  At the same time X is mirroring O without a puck, done around the other cone.  
  • Once both players have made it below the cones, a flat pass will be made from O to X.
  • X will then carry the puck up around the second cone, and drive back down the wall to the net for a scoring opportunity.
  • O will skate without the puck up around the second cone, and drive back towards the post creating a 1-on-1 and attempting to take away X's shot on goal.

Key Points

  • Players will need to use controlled skating at the start in order to ensure they both move around the cones at the same time. The player without the puck should be reading the puck carrier for timing.
  • Players will need to read and react to the situation both in control of the puck and without it.
  • Pass between the two players should be flat with both players facing each other.
  • The pass is key to the flow of the drill, a bad pass ends the rotation and the players should restart.
  • The puck carrier should execute a weight shift at the cone (1 per player).  
  • Make sure players rotate between both lines.  
  • This drill can be done as a warm-up to start practice or a small area game to end practice and can be executed out of all corners to allow players more repetitions.

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