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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: 2 v 2 - Low-High

By CoachThem, 05/01/23, 2:30PM EDT


Drill emulates a shift and uses full ice


  • Drill starts on the whistle. O1 passes to O2 below the goal line creating a 2v2 situation down low.
  • D1 & D2 start on each post.  Once the first pass is made, they should close the gap on their forward limiting their time and space.
  • O1 & O2 will attempt to create an offensive scoring chance below the hashmarks with a shot on goal.  
  • Once a shot has been attempted, forwards will transition to a breakout exiting the zone. 
  • O2 will create an outlet option for the coach to make a breakout pass, while O1 will breakout through the middle of the ice.  
  • D3 & D4 will gap up from the neutral zone, creating a second 2v2 situation "up high".
  • O1 & O2 will attack the far end and complete their shift with a shot on goal.    
  • D1 & D2 will exit the drill in the neutral zone and return to the back of the Defence line.
  • The next rotation will start on the coaches whistle, with the D3 & D4 starting on the posts at the goal line and defending down low against O3 & O4.

Key Points

  • This drill should be game like and emulate a shift.
  • Defenders need to have active feet and sticks to limit options for the forwards.
  • Forwards should try to isolate one of the defenders and create a mini 2-on-1.
  • Quick hands and feet are the key to success, do not over handle the puck! 
  • Coaches can add a third forward to create 3v2 situations.  

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