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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: Corner Net Drive

By CoachThem, 04/21/23, 1:15PM EDT


Continuous drill with quick feet and tight edges


  • Players start lined up in line with the hash marks just above the top of the circle.
  • O1 takes off around the face-off circle below the bottom of the circle, picking up the puck and turning up ice, cutting the face-off circle in half.
  • O1 then passes to the second player in line (O) and curls towards the boards and drives to the net.
  • O returns the pass to O1 who is attacking the net and finishes with a shot.

Key Points

  • This drill is continuous and does not require the coach to start each rep on the whistle. The drill can be executed in stations, either in one end of the rink or out of all four corners.
  • Players should have quick feet and hold their edges through turns. Make sure toes of skates stay on the ice!
  • Passes should be hard and flat and made once the receiver makes eye contact and presents a good target. Coaches should encourage strong communication and verbal cues between passer and receiver.
  • The drill can progress to where players utilize an open pivot instead of a curl or drive down the wall and curl back up the wall to reload and attack the net.

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