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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: D-Zone Retrieval with Shot

By CoachThem, 04/04/23, 1:15PM EDT


Puck retrieval drill works on quick catch and release

This Drill of the Week created on CoachThem focuses on puck retrieval and a quick shot.


  • X starts on the boards at the hash-marks.
  • X has to tag up at the blue line or around a pylon and transitions to retrieve the puck below the goal line. 
  • O spots a puck below the goal line for X to retrieve.
  • Upon retrieving the puck will make a outlet pass to O and continue up ice.
  • X will skate to the top of the face-off circle and open up for a quick return pass from O and end the drill with a shot on goal.

Key Points

  • Defender requires quick feet to tag up at the blue line so they can transition to retrieve the puck.
  • Defender will retrieve the puck with deception using a head or stick fake and shoulder check.
  • Defender will need to get their toes up ice quickly upon picking up the puck and get inside (toward the middle of the ice) of the dot-line to create a good passing lane and angle for the outlet pass. This will create time and space for their puck carrier and their teammates by forcing forecheckers to read and react to the situation.
  • Good passing is key to this drill - hard and flat.
  • Players should be ready for a quick shot on goal and use a one-timer or a quick catch and release with no stick handle. Under handle the puck!

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