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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: 2-on-2 Offence to Defence

By CoachThem, 03/13/23, 2:45PM EDT


Drill of the Week presented by CoachThem

This Drill of the Week created on CoachThem has a high-tempo pace that should last the length of a simulated shift.


  • Drill is a 2-on-2 situation and starts with 2 defensive players (O) in zone and 2 offensive players (X) on each neutral zone face-off dot.
  • Coach starts the drill by passing to one of the offensive players (X) who will enter the zone and attempt to score.
  • The defensive players (O) are trying to get puck possession from the offensive players (X).
  • Once the defensive players (O) get puck possession they pass the puck to two of their teammates (support players) who are standing on either neutral zone face-off dot.
  • Once the defensive team completes a pass to the teammates, they are done and will return to the back of the lines in the neutral zone. The players they passed to are now the offensive players.
  • The two players who started on offense are now the two defensive players.
  • This drill is continuous.

Key Points

  • Players will have the opportunity on both the offensive and defensive side of the puck.
  • Players will need to read & react quickly to the situation to quickly transition from offense to defense or make a play to their support players to end their defensive shift.
  • Coach can dump a new puck into play if a goal is scored or if the defensive team makes an errant pass to their support players.
  • This drill simulates a shift of hockey and should be high tempo and kept to 30-45 seconds in length.

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