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Love Being at the Rink? Become a Timekeeper

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 08/22/23, 9:45AM EDT


Great entry level position for those always at the arena

As we all prepare for a return to hockey and getting back on the ice, the volunteers at our Associations are doing a great job of getting everything coordinated to ensure a smooth process for our participants. While there are no games happening just yet, those are just around the corner and many are looking to bring in some new faces to help make sure games can go on from the opening whistle. That includes hiring timekeepers to make sure games can run properly over the course of the season.

Timekeeping is a great entry level job (or opportunity for volunteer hours) for rink rats and an easy way to start building your resume. Those who are used to spending hours at the rink and understand the game can put that passion to use. The schedule often fits around school hours, with games primarily in the evening and during the weekend.

A timekeeper’s responsibilities often double as a scorekeeper and need to ensure the gamesheet is an accurate record of what happened during the game, including marking down penalties, goals and assists.

Being in the timekeeper’s booth means you may also find yourself as the DJ during breaks in play which is a bonus of the position. That being said, this is still a job and timekeepers are expected to act in a professional manner. Showing up on time, being responsible and paying attention are all important attributes. Be sure to bring extra supplies of what you may need. Your focus should be on the game.

Learning the ins and outs of timekeeping and how to work the clock may be a transferrable skill to other sports and venues. Many youth sport organizations are looking for someone to fill this role and it is a great way to give back to your community.

Each Association and rink may have different qualifications for becoming a timekeeper. Those interested should reach out to their local Association.

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