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Open Up Your Offensive Repertoire with the Saucer Pass

By Hockey Labs, 07/12/22, 2:00PM EDT


Measure your passing progression with consistency

Photo Credit: Heather Pollock Photography

Between opponent’s sticks blocking passing lanes and defenders trying to break-up odd man rushes there are many tactics used by a defender to disrupt a team's offensive strategies. Players who have the saucer pass in their skill set create more options for themselves while on offence.

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The puck should start on the heel of the blade with the face open. The puck is then rolled along the blade in front of the body in the direction of the receiver. This causes a spinning movement of the puck and keeps it flat both in the air and when it lands. 

Players will see the benefits of using the saucer pass in many different situations to beat defenders. They are often used to beat a defender in odd man situations when there is a stick or body in the passing lane.

Key points to remember when practicing the saucer pass:

  • Try and have the puck land a few inches before your teammate’s stick.
  • Get the puck to land flat on the ice. A wobbly puck makes it harder for your teammate to receive.
  • Stickhandle before attempting to make the pass. It’s good practice for being able to pass the puck from any situation.
  • Use different distances to see what heights of the saucer pass work best for various scenarios.
  • This skill can be executed on both the forehand and backhand, so practice both!


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This is a skill that can be practiced on or off the ice and should be practiced in a stationary position and while in motion. The obstacle you use for practicing this skill can be as simple as a stick balanced on two pylons or a bench.

The most important thing to remember about the saucer pass is to only use it when the situation requires. When properly executed the saucer pass creates many more options for the attacking team.

Working on this drill over the course of a week is a good test to measure your passing progression. When you repeat this skill correctly and consistently you will be that much closer to mastering the technique.

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