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Drill of the Week

Drill of the Week: 2 vs 2 - Half Ice Warm-Up

By CoachThem, 05/18/22, 2:15PM EDT


Drill of the Week presented by CoachThem

This Drill of the Week created on CoachThem is a great game that teaches position before possession. The player must understand that approach to the puck makes a huge difference in puck recovery.


  • Drill starts with two lines of forwards and two lines of defense at the red line with two pucks spotted at the top of the circle in the dot lines.
  • Coach will be on the redline with pucks to replace once the chosen puck once the drill starts.
  • On the whistle, F1 has the option to choose either puck, D1 will read and react to F1 in order to take away time and space once in possession.
  • Once F1 touches the puck - F2 and D2 activate creating a 2 vs. 2 situation (Forwards vs. Defense)
  • Play goes until the coaches whistle or a goal is scored.

Key Points

  • Forwards are trying to score on the goal in the natural position (goal line) and Defense are trying to score on the goal at centre ice.
  • Once the forward has committed to a puck they must choose that puck
  • Quick and close support
  • Communication
  • Limit/Create time and space with and without the puck
  • Quick feet
  • Game like intensity

Find this drill in the OMHA Drill Share Group on CoachThem.

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