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Drill of the Week

Getting Your Goalies Involved in Warmups

By CoachThem, 03/09/22, 5:00PM EST


Drill of the Week: 5 Shots - Goaltenders


  • This drill can be used as a goalie specific drill or team warm-up drill. Goalies will face 5 different scoring situations from offensive players. Players 1 & 2 will execute low walk-outs from the corner/below the goal line, Players 3 & 4 will take wrist/snap/slap shots from the point and Player 5 will execute an in-tight breakaway.
  • Be sure to rotate players through each position.
  • As your goalie becomes comfortable with the rotation of the drill, you can mix up the order of which each shot is taken or have Players 1 & 2 stay in front of the net to create a screen and/or look for a deflection or rebound off the point shots.    
  • Goalies will need to use shuffles to keep their angles and should challenge each shooter to take away shooting angles.

Key Points

  • Be sure to allow enough time between shots.

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