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The Secret to Successful Team Fundraising

By Aaron Wilbur, The Coaches Site, 10/14/21, 1:30PM EDT


Best practices to raise money during the hockey season

Team fundraising is a crucial part of minor hockey to help offset some of the costs that come up during the season. From tournament fees to registration, the tried and tested methods of car washes and bottle drives have lasted for years. Over the last two seasons we’ve had to come up with new ways to raise money safely and lots of teams have turned to online platforms like FlipGive that make the process even easier.

With the wheels of the season now fully in motion and tournaments underway, teams are planning out their big costs for the year – tournaments, apparel and fundraising. With FlipGive, teams can earn money back during the season to help make these possibilities for all members of the roster.

The parent meeting at the start of the season often outlines how these costs will be covered and one of the topics that comes up is fundraising, an important part of all youth sports.

“The cost of playing continues to increase for a whole host of reasons. Parents are trying to do everything they can to really make sure that their kids are enjoying their experience,” said Mark Bachman, Founder and CEO of FlipGive. “As the costs go up and time goes down, parents need to do other things to help offset those costs. The days of door to door selling are gone. As things shift into the online world, it actually creates new opportunities.”

Team finances often fall on the shoulder of the team manager. They act as the liaison between players, parents and the coaching staff. Managing money, sponsorships, budget and finances are just some of the responsibilities that end up in their lap. Keeping the team money transparent and separate from personal funds are two of the most important tips to remember. 

“You shouldn’t be co-mingling team funds and personal funds together. The best practice is to keep all of that team money separate.”

With more time spent driving kids and running errands, fundraising has turned from outward to inward. Instead of asking the same friends and family repeatedly for support, teams can now be responsible for their own fundraising results. By earning on everyday purchases you’re already making, any extra time can now be used towards community initiatives like food drives or other givebacks.

Programs like FlipGive allow big box stores to ‘sponsor’ instead of scrambling to find local businesses. The automation of matching grants with partners to match raised funds is an added bonus. Teams can earn cash back on natural season purchases like gas, team parties and coaches gifts.

Bachman says the average superuser family can earn $500 for their team during the season just from everyday spending. FlipGive makes the process transparent and you can see how much everyone is contributing.

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Aaron is the Founder and CEO of The Coaches Site, the #1 online resource for hockey coaches, and also the host of the Glass & Out podcast. He is married with two boys, believes Major League is the best sports movie of all-time, is scared of heights and is mildly obsessed with the Alabama Crimson Tide football program.

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