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Drill of the Week: Goalie Movement

By CoachThem, 12/02/20, 1:30PM EST


Stopping and recovering on lead foot


  • Place 4 cones in a box shape.  
  • Goalie starts in athletic stance facing one cone, then butterfly slides to the next cone.  
  • Goalie recovers to standing stance and immediately butterfly slides back to original cone.  
  • Repeat in opposite direction on coach's command, and for 4 repetitions on each side.

Key Points

Lead with eyes, stick and skate (LOOK), rotate shoulders, gloves and stick (LEAN), load leg pushes with inside edge (LOAD). Lead pad begins to seal the ice while the stick covers the 5-hole, the load pad joins the lead pad to completely seal the ice. Stop and recover on lead foot to butterfly slide back in the opposite direction. Maintain quiet upper body.

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