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Building a 6-Tool Hockey Player

By Michael Dundas, Manager, Hockey Development, 10/02/20, 12:00PM EDT


What is means for a player to be 'complete'

Photo Credit: Spectrum Imaging

The term 'complete player' is often referenced in hockey, but how is that defined? There is a similar description in baseball, where a ‘five-tool’ player is one who can hit, hit for power, have speed, can throw and can field. Typically, a complete hockey player’s skill set is developed based on core skills such as:

Not every player will be able to fully check off each of these boxes nor should they be expected to. Development takes place over years through the dedication of hard work from both players and coaches.

Evaluations are one tool that can be used to track player development and identify areas for improvement over the course of a season. A player’s goals for development of their individual skill set should evolve from the feedback of their coaches.

During an evaluation and over the course of the season, coaches can use TeamGenius to track a player’s development and provide detailed feedback. At the minor hockey level, the focus should always be on fun while developing players core skills. Having a method of measuring success provides positive reinforcement and encourages players to continuously improve.

Evaluations help to create the baseline for a player’s development plan. Coaches should be regularly monitoring and evaluating how players are progressing throughout the season and provide meaningful feedback to support their development. Clear lines of communication and messaging between coaches and players creates a positive learning environment and allows players to constantly improve their game.

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