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It's Not Too Early to Sign Up for a Tournament

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 12/04/18, 2:30PM EST


Find a tournament that best fit's your team's schedule

Tournaments are one of the highlights of any season and are some of the first dates circled on the hockey calendar. It's not too early to take a look at the tournament listings to see what may be on the horizon for your team this year.

A lot of tournaments offer an early-bird discount if you register by a certain date. Get the booking out of the way now and don’t worry about trying to fit into your schedule later. The OMHA offers tournament listings for teams of all levels and ages. Find a tournament that fits best for your team and calendar.

Planning ahead gives your team more flexibility heading into the season before the schedule is locked down. When the parent group decides on a tournament budget it can give more options on which event to register for.

Here are some things to consider when signing up for a tournament:

Off-Ice Activities

Hanging out in the hotel with your teammates is fun but what is there to do in the town or city you’re in? Take advantage of the time away and explore your new sights and surroundings. Look at the tournament schedule once you register and use the extra time for off-ice team activities that can be a fun break in between games. There are plenty of sights to see - the few days spent on the road can turn out to be the most memorable of the season.

Measuring Stick

You know where your team places in the standings, but how do they stack up against teams from outside of your league? Tournaments can serve as a benchmark because you may face teams that aren’t on the regular season schedule. The opportunity to play an opponent you’ve never faced before is exciting and there can be bragging rights on the line. Teams may be coming in from all over the province or country to compete. Check with the organizer and see if you can be placed in a group with new teams.


It’s important to factor in location when booking a tournament. The distance and time travelled, hotel costs and registration fees all have to be considered and agreed upon. Depending on how far away a tournament is, it may need to add to the days on the road. Check on how many games your team is guaranteed to play over the weekend and decide how it factors into your travel time.

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