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Officials perform a vital role in the game at all levels are the third team on the ice, without whom the game would not happen. The Hockey Canada Officiating Program is for anyone interested in officiating the game of hockey, from beginners to seasoned veterans. There are six levels in the Officiating program, from those looking to get started to the top tier of officials.

The lower levels are designed to get you started in officiating, while the higher levels are open to officials who have advanced through the lower levels and show potential to work the top levels of hockey in Canada, and Internationally.

The Objectives of the Program are:

  • To standardize the methods and techniques of Officiating in both the two and three Official systems.
  • To acquire uniformity throughout the country with respect to rule interpretation.
  • To offer participants national recognition for their achievements.
  • Behind the Whistle

  • 01/22/2015, 2:00pm EST , By Ontario Minor Hockey Association
  • NHL Referee Dave Lewis Talks Off-Ice Preparation
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  • NHL Stripes: Derek Amel

  • 08/07/2014, 9:30am EDT , By Ontario Minor Hockey Association
  • NHL Linesmen, Derek Amel looks back at his OMHA Roots and what it’s like to work with the best in the business
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Getting Started

For new Officials or those interested in getting started, you will need to attend an HCOP Entry Level certification clinic but before you do, contact your local Minor Hockey Association to find out of there is demand for new officials, when games will take place and how this fits your schedule. A participant must be a minimum of 14 years of age to enter the program.

2015 Entry Level Clinics

Information and Registration details for 2015 OMHA HCOP Entry Level Clinics has been posted to the OMHA website.

Your first inquiry should be to the Association with which you hope to become active, to ensure there is a demand and need for officials in your area.

Entry Level Clinics for new officials are typically hosted October through mid November each season. Clinic scheduling info for the 2015-2016 season, including contact information, will begin to appear on the site in the period beginning September 8, 2015.  Please monitor the site for updates to information.

OMHA Referee Schools

The extremely successful and popular school format provides NEW Officials with an opportunity to acquire officiating skills and rule knowledge while completing OMHA and Hockey Canada certification requirements. The intensive, action-packed agenda features classroom instruction including audiovisual presentations, as well as on-ice training 

Off-Ice Officials

This 3 hour clinic provides instruction to individuals filling the important role of the Off-Ice Official in the Timekeeper box in local Arenas throughout the OMHA. Curriculum includes Hockey Canada and OMHA Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures. Roles and Responsibilities of the Off-Ice Official, including pre-game and post-game will also be covered in the Clinic. For further information, including hosting an Off-Ice Officials Clinic, contact the OMHA Office.


If you have been registered in hockey previously as a Player, Coach, Official, or Trainer you can access your profile on the Hockey Canada Registry by establishing an eHockey account. Click on the following document to set up access.

OMHA Officials e-Learning Site

The OMHA Officials e-learning site provides OMHA Officials with resources and updates throughout the season from Hockey Canada, OHF and the OMHA as well as and interactive components designed to assist with course/clinic preparation and rule clarification.

OMHA Office