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Head Trainer Initiative/RTSF

The OMHA Trainers Program is working with our Minor Hockey Associations to introduce two key safety and support initiatives: Head Trainer/Risk Manager (RTSF) and the Local Association Head Trainer

Regional Trainer / Safety Facilitator (RTSF)

On behalf of the OMHA Technical Director, Trainers Program, this position will lead the Association’s safety and risk management program activities in a designated area of the OMHA for the benefit of participants, parents and volunteers in the Association’s hockey programs and activities 

The Regional Trainer / Safety Facilitator (RTSF) is designed to:

  • Develop a network of resources to minor hockey associations and teams within the OMHA
  • Promote and enhance the safety of all participants in the OMHA
  • Deliver enhanced programming on a regional basis that is specific to safety in hockey 
  • Assist in elevating the role of each team’s Trainer or Safety Person
  • Align with the Regional Development Plan established by the OMHA’s Coaching Program

Local Association Head Trainer

On behalf of the Local Association, this position will lead the Association’s safety and risk management programs for the benefit of participants, parents and volunteers in the Association’s hockey programs and activities.

Overview of position:

  • Selected by Local Association
  • Promotes safety through Local Association
  • Demonstrates values of the HTCP
  • Mentors Team Trainers
  • Liaise with RTSF
  • Assists in identification of training needs for local association
  • Assists in the identification of potential staff for OMHA Program of Excellence

Ian Taylor

Director, Development Programs