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‘Respect in Hockey’ is a concept that receives considerable attention in both minor hockey and in community sport. The Ontario Minor Hockey Association is committed to the prevention of abuse, bullying and harassment, and the education of our membership. 

We are proud to launch a new ‘Respect’ campaign in partnership with Respect Group Inc., where every OMHA member association will receive a ‘Respect’ sign customized for their association to display in their local arena. The 20" x 30" plaque mounted signs will be distributed at the 2015 OMHA Annual General Meeting. One complimentary sign will be available for pick up at the OMHA store.

This campaign continues to shape the OMHA’s stance to grow and maintain respect in hockey and build on the respect initiatives already launched. The signs will act as a simple reminder to players, parents, coaches and officials that respect is an integral part of hockey. 

This is the next step in the OMHA’s ‘Respect in Hockey’ initiative introduced last season where all Team Officials, On-ice Volunteers, On-Ice Officials and Parents were required to take the appropriate ‘Respect’ education.  All of these programs encourage positive sport behaviors, and creates a standard of respectful behavior for all stakeholders.

As the game of hockey continues to evolve it is the responsibility of us all to change with it – but more importantly, to be the agents for positive change. Ultimately, we seek to provide the very best programming, as well as a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone in which to enjoy all the positive opportunities our great game has to offer.

Additional Signage

Additional customized 20" x 30" signs and Roll-it-up banners are available for purchase to OMHA member associations through our online store. 

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The Ontario Minor Hockey Association has also released a bank of signage in varying sizes to its member associations including posters and web banners to download and promote the campaign further.