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It takes teamwork to bring about change. All stakeholders in the game including Team Officials, Game Officials, Players, Parents and Administrators must take ownership to affect change regarding the Rules Emphasis moving forward. All associations must demonstrate awareness and support for the application, spirit and the respect of the rules.

Head Contact

Standard of Play

At the 2006 Hockey Canada AGM, a motion on the Rules Emphasis and Standard of Play was approved, including a focus on checking from behind, head checking, preventing the use of the stick to impede a player's progress and reduce stick fouls. Through the new standard of the rules enforcement, our game will continue to allow the opportunity for improved skill development and provide positive hockey experiences. 

The mission of Hockey Canada is clear; the game will be enhanced through the application of the new standard of enforcement and Rules Emphasis.

  • The stick will not be allowed to in any way impede a player's progress.
  • It is imperative that coaches teach the players that the stick can only be used to play the puck.

Head Contact

The new Head Contact Rule calls for zero tolerance on any head contact in minor and female hockey in all Hockey Canada branches and will come into effect immediately for the 2011-2012 season.

The OMHA and Hockey Canada are serious about working with administrators, coaches, trainers, officials, parents and players to create the fun, respectful environment we all expect in the game. The rule changes combined with education, awareness, strong player development and respect for the game will reduce injuries such as concussions and help to keep the game fun for all.

The OMHA Development Committee and Board have also reviewed the issue - please click on the link below for complete details.

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