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Being a part of an international tournament can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for minor hockey players.

There isn’t much more exciting than loading up on a plane with your entire team, ready for a new adventure. This could be the first time on a plane for many players, even the first time out of the country.

For some associations, travelling to an international tournament is a yearly tradition. Players can’t wait to finally be old enough to be a part of this experience.

International tournaments are the pinnacle of team bonding. From sight-seeing historical landmarks to experience local traditions, it’s easy to combine your love for hockey while making new friends halfway across the world.

Fundraising for an international tournament takes a community effort and long commitments from players, parents, associations and other volunteers. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a team that tells you the preparation wasn’t worth it.

For information regarding team travel overseas or hosting overseas teams please refer to Policy & Procedure 6.0 in the current OMHA Manual of Operations.

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