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Host a NHL/NHLPA First Shift Program in Your Association

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 03/04/2021, 11:15am EST

Program ensures a positive experience for new-to-hockey families


How Often Should I Sharpen My Skates?

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 02/12/2021, 9:00am EST

When to know it’s time for a sharpening after playing on outdoor rink


Get the Stink Out of Your Gear After a Game or Practice

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 10/01/2020, 12:30pm EDT

CCM's Back to Hockey Guide gives tips on how to clean your equipment


Safety First: Hockey Gear and Car Seats

By Melissa Brabant - Regional Marketing Planner, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario 09/25/2020, 12:45pm EDT

What every U9 parent needs to know


Participant Registration for The First Shift Program now Open

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 09/20/2020, 10:00am EDT

Introducing new faces to hockey


Five Things to Remember When Buying a Hockey Stick

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 08/21/2020, 2:30pm EDT

Why having a properly sized stick can help on the ice


“Figure Out What You’re Passionate About”

By Mitchell Machtinger 05/21/2020, 11:30am EDT

Ingham named OHL Humanitarian of the Year Award winner


A Mother's Day Letter to Every Hockey Mom

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 05/08/2020, 12:30pm EDT

Thank you for helping me during the season


The Solution for Your Smelly Equipment

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association 04/29/2020, 12:30pm EDT

Increase the longevity of your equipment quality with simple maintenance


I'm Proud of the Players and You Should Be Too

By Connor Cadaret 04/02/2020, 10:15am EDT

A coach explains why his team's season was still a success

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 86