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Increasing Your Mobility and Reach

By Mark Fitzgerald, Elite Training Systems, 12/14/18, 2:45PM EST


Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach

Hockey players need strong hips to be able to move with power on the ice. It is an important part of the game that can give that extra inch when competing for the puck. When players change direction or speeds they need a strong first stride to keep their momentum.

THE DRILL: Spiderman to Pigeon Flow

A yoga move that improves mobility, flexibility and extension out of the hips.

What You’ll Need: A flat surface, running shoes, athletic clothing.

Body Position: Start in a half kneeling position - one leg will be outstretched behind you with the knee on the ground and the other leg will have the foot planted in front of you in a 90 degree angle. Your hands will be shoulder width apart and flat on the ground in front of you, on the inside of the planted foot. Your foot should be stable with your other knee into the ground.

The Movement:

  • Pull the knee that is on the ground up in the air so the leg is straight and you are balancing on your toes. This extends the hip. This is the Spiderman position.
  • Swing the forward leg behind you, planting the knee on the ground. On the other leg, now the front leg, your shin is on the floor and toes pointed up. This is the Pigeon stretch.
  • With your arms in front of you, reach them out together out and away with your palms flat on the floor. You should feel the stretch through your side.
  • Work your way back with the hands, bringing the foot back around to the front. Stabilize.
  • Hold for 2-3 seconds in each position. Keep your chest open. Do 8-10 reps per side.

The Breakdown: This drill gets you mobile before hitting the ice. This allows for a full range of motion which can help players increase their reach. With all of the quick changes of direction in a game players can make it easier on themselves with the added flexibility.

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Mark Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of Elite Training Systems as well, as the ETS Athlete Development App. In addition, Fitzgerald is head of Performance Training for the Anaheim Ducks, Lead Training Advisor for Under Armour and a member of the Under Armour Global Team.

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