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3 Small Area Games that Teach Puck Control

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 11/09/18, 1:00PM EST


Coach Submissions and NHL Tested Drills

Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa Photography

These are some great drills that can be used in your next practice to teach puck control and how to work in a small area with the puck.

These Small Area Games increase tempo, engagement and overall fun - something that every team, at every level, can benefit from. Small Area Games can be used as warm-up drills or as a competitive way to end practice.  

Through a variety of even or mismatched players on each side, a smaller area forces players to become more creative with a limited amount of space available. Players need to be in control of the puck and use their teammates, giving more puck touches to everyone involved.

We have included some of our favourite Small Area Games below that were submitted to us and are from across the hockey world. We would love to hear what your team does in practice as well. Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your favourite Small Area Game.

Powerplay Small Area Game - Teaches Powerplay and Penalty Kill Skills

Submitted by: Shawn C. of the Peterborough Minor Petes Midget A

14 skaters - 4 vs. 3 or 12 skaters - 4 vs. 2

Imaginary Line down the middle at one end of the ice. On one half, players on the powerplay try to score and penalty killers try to clear the puck over the line to their powerplay teammates on the other half of the ice. Change powerplay and penalty kill players every 5 minutes.

This works great with the nets below the circles facing up ice on one end or nets facing each other on the hash marks.

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins both use small area games to practice different scenarios and to teach puck control.


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