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What Players Are Doing This Off-Season

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 07/10/18, 10:15AM EDT


Stepping away from the rink in the summer

OMHA grad Garrett McFadden at his annual McFadden's Movement Road Hockey Tournament for mental health awareness.

With summer now upon us and hockey still months away it's time to take a break from the sport and enjoy the warm weather outside. There are plenty of other activities to spend time doing while keeping the body fresh for the new season.

Whether it's picking up another sport to play or simply hanging out with friends, the off-season gives everyone a chance to take a step away from the rink. Even the pros enjoy a summer vacation. Don't believe us? Here's a look at what some familiar faces in the hockey world are doing with their time away from the game.

Players Club

Keeping his skills sharp in the off-season, Nathan Gerbe 'worked' on his shot with the help of his daughter. He's showing how easy it is to work on the OMHA Players Club 5000 Puck Challenge right from his own garage.

Join the OMHA Players Club!

Download the 5000 Puck, 10,000 Touches and 30/30 challenge tracking sheets and complete the challenges! Work on your hockey skills and be eligible for prizes at the same time!

Giving Back

Many players spent time working with charities and giving back to their communities. Through their outreach, players helped raise awareness and donations for valuable causes.

Playing Other Sports

Once the season is over many players put away their sticks and skates and pick up a baseball bat or golf club instead.

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