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Associations Can Apply for Free Goalie Equipment

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 04/20/18, 3:15PM EDT


OMHA Goalie Assist Program supports dreams of aspiring netminders

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association Goalie Assist Program is an effort to support players 8 and Under who have dreams of becoming a hockey goaltender.

Working in conjunction with local minor hockey associations across Ontario, this program will provide sets of new CCM Hockey goaltending equipment to loan to players interested in trying the position. Each set of equipment will be retained by the local minor hockey associations at the conclusion of the hockey season to loan to players in following years. The deadline to apply is June 15th.

“We want to give the right start to our beginner or introductory hockey players in terms of the ability to enjoy the game,” said OMHA Executive Director Ian Taylor. “If they learn skills, if they have some success, if they improve, they’re going to be engaged, they’re going to enjoy the sport and they’re going to keep playing the sport. I think that’s really the foundation of all other hockey. This is our starting point.”

The Goalie Assist program helps associations with the implementation of recent changes to Programming Novice and Below. The equipment can be easily shared among players and can be used in rotation during programming. This is another resource that associations can use to create a positive hockey experience for the game’s youngest players.

“Providing players with the opportunity to sample and learn to play all positions is crucial for their overall athletic experience and their future enjoyment in the sport," said Ian Taylor, OMHA Executive Director. "The Goalie Assist Program provides the opportunity to try the position of goaltender – and to see if they enjoy it – without the financial requirement of purchasing equipment. We are happy to once again partner with CCM to provide this opportunity for our young players, to relieve the financial burden for their families and to develop more goalies in the process.”

The OMHA believes this program helps break down some of the barriers that may exist for new goalies. Being a netminder is a very unique position in hockey and requires specific equipment that may not always be readily available. A player who wants to be a goalie should not be discouraged for any reason and this program helps alleviate some of those worries. The Goalie Assist Program could be the first time a player is able to become a netminder and find a passion for the position.

Applications are Now Closed


Who is eligible?  
Any Member Association of the OMHA

What does the CCM Kit include?
Youth pads, blocker, glove, chest protector, stick, hockey bag

How many CCM Kits are available?
40 sets

If my Association is fortunate to receive a CCM Kit, how will we obtain it?
The OMHA will ship the kit to the address provided in your application.

Photo Requirement  

  • Provide a High Res Team Photo (minimum 2 GB)
  • Photo MUST show a player wearing the donated CCM goaltending gear on ice

What is the cut-off date to apply for this Program?
Friday June 15th, 2018

For questions, please contact:

Derek Polowyk

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