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Chalk Talk

Evade and Accelerate Past Defenders with this Crossover

By Ian Taylor, OMHA Executive Director, 03/30/18, 10:00AM EDT


Chalk Talk | Age-appropriate skills, drills and progressions

When a player finds themselves in between a defender and open ice there are a number of ways that they can break free of the pressure while keeping possession of the puck.

One of our favourite moves to evade a defender involves a fake followed by a lateral crossover and quick acceleration past the defender. Using a combination of head, body and stick fakes, the puck carrier fakes to the inside. Once the puck is outside, accelerate using quick and powerful crossovers to drive from outside back inside.

Use these steps to help get away from defenders with the puck:

  • On the forehand side, keep two hands on the stick. On the backhand side, throw the puck wide and catch it with one hand on the stick.
  • Extend your arms away from your body, cupping the puck with the blade of your stick.
  • Keep your head up and read options and pressure.

Photo Credit: Brian Woo

Being unpredictable with the puck adds an element to your offensive game that will keep defenders guessing. Stay confident in your ability to handle the puck with speed. Programs like the 10,000 Touches Challenge from the OMHA Players Club offer a plan for players to improve their puck control skills through increased hand speed, quickness and coordination.

Use your teammates to your advantage. Read the play that is developing on the ice and find the open man. Always keep your head up and be aware of what is happening around you. When done successfully, the Crossover and Drive Wide maneuver can create new offensive possibilities.

The drills in the Chalk Talk series put players in situations that they will encounter in games – this presents the players with the opportunity to:

  • create
  • problem-solve
  • read and react
  • to use the technical skills, tactics and concepts they have learned in practice

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Ian Taylor is the Executive Director of the OMHA and former Director of Hockey Development. A proud hockey dad of two, Ian has over 25 years of instructional and coaching experience.

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