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Evade Your Opponent By Protecting the Puck and Changing Direction

By Ontario Minor Hockey Association, 03/23/18, 2:30PM EDT


Front Fake Forehand Spin - CCM Drill of the Month

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The CCM Drill of the Month for March is the Front Fake Forehand Spin.
Use this move to get around your opponent and head straight for the net.

1. For this drill, position the puck in line with your backhand side foot.

2. Fake over to your forehand side. Before you spin, push your top hand across your body.

3. Spin to the forehand side and drive past the defender to the net.

This drill helps players work on their puck protection while evading defenders. Maintaining possession of the puck while switching direction on the ice helps develop puck control and being elusive. Getting comfortable turning in different directions will increase your possibilities of what you can do with the puck and open up options for you.

Finding an open space to shoot is key in getting pucks on net. Free yourself from pesky defenders while maintaining your offensive possession. Stickhandling and maneuvering your way out of situations will also keep goalies and defences guessing and adds an element of unpredictability to your game.

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