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This Is What Makes a Team Great

By Mitchell Machtinger, 02/26/18, 3:30PM EST


The five attributes of a successful team

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Every team is unique and Playdowns is the perfect time for yours to shine in the spotlight.

There are different kinds of players on each team and everyone brings something special to the group. Teams have found what works best for them and what will bring them success on the ice. Over the course of the last few weeks, teams have been battling hard for Playdowns positioning and to improve game by game.

Sometimes it may feel like the season is dragging on but Playdowns are the perfect time to refocus, reenergize and reengage. After spending months together as a group, this is the time of year to buckle up and really push forward as a unit.

With the season’s end sadly just around the corner, here are some ways to finish the year strong as a team and some qualities that can turn a good team into a great one.

Don't Point Fingers

The last thing any team wants at this time of the season is a lack of harmony in the room. Everyone makes mistakes, it happens. These games are stressful and players understand when they’ve made an error. Do not point fingers or play the blame game, rather turn the negative energy you may be feeling into positive encouragement for others. That being said, players being accountable will earn them respect from their teammates.

Photo Credit: Julie Whelan Photography

These Are Your Friends

At this point of the season, the players to the left and the right of you on the bench are no longer just your teammates, they are your friends. A true leader makes everyone around them better and is committed to the team. Maintain the lines of communication and respect for one another during Playdowns.

Stay Motivated

The ups and downs of the season can get to players and coaches but the last chapter of the year should reignite a spark under everyone. Coaches need to find ways to keep their players motivated and focused while players need to continue to buy into what is being taught to them.

There is No 'I' in Team

It’s one of the oldest sayings in sports but the reason the expression has lasted so long is because of how true it rings. Hockey is the definition of a team game. One player can’t do it all. Teammates should focus on building each other up while working together towards the common goal. Players can sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the group – everyone wants to be the hero but not everyone can be. You never know who will step up to the big occasions. Take pride in your role on the team and understand how it adds up to the bigger picture.

Photo Credit: Julie Whelan Photography

Stick to the Plan

Teams should be adaptable to new situations and gameplans but don’t ignore what’s got your team this far in the year. Keep working together and trust each other that you will execute the winning strategy. Don't take your foot of the gas.

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Mitchell Machtinger is the Coordinator of Communications at the OMHA. He's worked with various sport organizations and is an avid fan of all sports.

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